Month: November 2017

Writing and editing in plain English

As an editor of government and corporate information, I am regularly required to edit material which has been written with little thought for the reader or the end-user. Often littered with industry jargon, legalese and acronyms, applying the principles of plain English to the material serves to make the information meaningful and easy to read […]

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Plain English writing for legal and more

Plain English writing is a sought after skill. There is an increased need for plain English writing, because of our ever-increasing reliance on technologies such as email and the internet. Although the title suggests otherwise, this book is certainly not just for lawyers, and can be useful to anyone who wants to simplify their writing. […]

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The Web Content Strategist’s Bible

From print editor to content strategist Having spent most of my life writing and editing for print, the move to editing online content was a gradual one and my skills seemed to transfer seamlessly. However, when I landed a contract as a content editor for a 45 000 page intranet replacement project at a significant […]

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